FAQ, Troubleshooting & Known Issues


When reporting an issue please upload your logs from the Android app and give a brief description of the problem.
You will get a faster response doing that than commenting on this blog or giving a negative review in the Play Store.

Sorry but a log upload with no description of an issue will be ignored!

Mail me on apps@finebyte.co.uk

Note it is often useful to look at the status screen on the pebble – tap to enlarge it.

Bad override location:
It needs to be a decimal lat,lon e.g. 40.6893,-74.0446

Help Screen on the Pebble:
Turn the help off from the “Toggle Help” menu item

If Glance is telling you to update it should also have a menu item saying “Install Watchapp”.
The should kick off the main Pebble watch app installer.

Seconds on the watch face:
Seconds need to be added to a watch face (i.e. in the Editor) then enabled using this setting.
None of the default faces come with seconds.

Not all operators on NextBus support the API. Please check before you buy Premium.
The list of supported operators is here.
It is on my todo list to get this list into the app.

Installing a custom face:
To set the a custom face as the default, send it from the “My Layouts” list. Sending from the editor only sets the face temporarily.

Old Stuff for Glance 0.8x

Installation issues
Installation on newer Android devices has become an issue recently (particularly the S4)
If possible please try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) or a different source.
MyPebblefaces also has the both Glance watch apps:
SDK1 – http://www.mypebblefaces.com/apps/10231/7092/
SDK2 – http://www.mypebblefaces.com/apps/10231/7180/

No Weather / Location
The most commonly reported issue is problems with the Weather – the symptom usually being a N/A weather icon and “Error” or “Bad Response” in the forecast text.

The log (messy though it is) will often give an indication of the answer.

Issue: No Location data (or old location data)
Log: 11:15:07 UpdateWeatherTask No location from LocationManager – failing
1. Check Location Services are on. Some people have found that they need to do a reboot to get the phone to update the location. Weird.
2. Check your phone finds a location in another app (e.g. Maps)
3. Use an override location in the Glance Android App settings, e.g. if you live in the Eiffel Tower use 48.8583,2.2945

Issue: A location override specified in the wrong format
Log: 20:26:08 UpdateWeatherTask Unable to retrieve web page. URL may be invalid.java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.1/find/city?cnt=1&lon= 06°09’E&lat=46°12°N
-or- Log: 17:17:57.422 [IntentService[GlanceWeatherService]] DEBUG GlanceMain – Unable to parse override location (no comma)
Fix: Use decimal format with the correct sign, e.g. 48.8583,2.2945

Issue: The weather doesn’t update
Log: If your log DOES NOT have any statements as below then the update Alarm is not being started:
17:14:37.632 [IntentService[GlanceWeatherService]] DEBUG GlanceWeatherService – Got Alarm starting weather download…
Fix: On some phones an app doesn’t get notified on boot if it is installed on an SD card or other external disk.
Move the app to internal storage (Long Click the icon, select App Info, Move to Internal Storage)

SMS Issues with Hangouts – 6 December 2013
I have had three users report that the SMS count does not work with Hangouts as the primary SMS client.
Unfortunately when I test this myself it works, so I am struggling to find the issue
The only solution right now is to revert to using the default SMS client

SMS doesn’t send / SMS sent to the wrong person

Known issue with string handling in Pebble OS
Workaround: Change the names in your address book to only use ASCII. I know. Not great

Other Known/Reported Issues

SMS gets sent to wrong recipient : UNDER INVESTIGATION
This only seems to happen with non vanilla latin characters in names – apologies to those with names containing éóúöø etc

Calendar events with non Latin characters don’t display – UNDER INVESTIGATION
I believe Pebble only supports a subset of utf-8 so the strings are either not sent or blank. Apologies.

Glance Android app does not start on boot – UNDER INVESTIGATION
A work around is to make sure the App is installed on the phone memory/disk (i.e. not on an SD card).
On some devices the app will not start on boot when installed on an SD card.

SMS get names and replies is slow / fails : IMPROVED In 0.85
Sometimes getting the SMS replies takes a long time or doesn’t happen.
This usually happens if the Bluetooth message is dropped.

Android app is not compatible with Nexus 7 / Other tablet : UNDER INVESTIGATION
The App requires SMS access which is not available on some tablets.
Looking for a work around for other functionality

Calendar issues –
Reports of all day events starting early – under investigation, looks like a TimeZone issue
Galaxy Note 2 w/4.1.2 seems to have a specific issue with getting calendars – I have got logs where it only reports one calendar for the query (which returns the next 14 days events on other phone / versions). Hard to work out what is happening here.

Display Issue – with a long forecast one of the text fields overruns. Will be fixed for the next release.