Glance and Timeline

 The timeline functionality in Glance allows you to use some of the Glance features to fetch data on a timed basis and have it inserted into your Pebble Time timeline
All the Glance Timeline functionality is accessed from the Glance Android app under Settings – Pin Manager.
Firstly Glance needs to obtain a Timeline token – it does this when Glance on your Pebble starts up (v2.2+) and if successful you will see a long set of letters and numbers in the “Timeline Token” section at the top of the Pin Manager. If it says “No Token”, please launch Glance on Pebble again – this process only needs to happen once, and is current not reliable.
One you have the token, to add a pin click on “Add a new Pin” and select the type, this will add a new pin to the list.
To configure the Pin tap on it in the list
For all types of Pin the schedule is set as follows:
Enabled – Pin schedule will run if ticked
Start Time – 24 Hour clock time to start the schedule (or execute the pin if no repeat)
End Time – 24 Hour clock time to end the schedule (or blank if no repeat)
Repeat – 0 to execute once only, or the number of minutes between each execution
Configuration – see below
Test Now – Will try to execute the pin now
Delete – Removes the Pin
UKTrain – Two 3 letters station codes separated by a comma, e.g. WAT,RDG
Stocks – Share codes as used by Yahoo Finance separated by commas, e.g. GOOG,IBM,EURUSD=X
RSS – The url for an RSS feed. The Pin will include the title and description content from the first item from the feed
JSON – The url for a JSON feed which should return a simple JSON object of the form:

{"title":"The title","content":"The content"}

Troubleshooting Issues

Top issue is not getting a Timeline token – sometimes this happens first time, sometime it takes a few attempts. The process is opaque to Glance. Best chance is with a good network connection.
If the Pin Manager has a problem getting your data, it will usually say so in the failed Pin contents
If the Pin Manager has a problem posting a pin then you will need to look in the Pin log – in the Pin Manager there is a popup menu item which will show log data for the Pin. If you scroll to the bottom you may see an obvious issue (no network), otherwise the log can be sent to for review.