NextBus Configuration

NextBus Configuration is a bit unfriendly right now

If you work through the workflow at
When you get to the page showing your bus data predictions, your stop should be in the URL parameter s= and the line(operator) in the a=


sf-muni and some others are a bit of a pain as sometimes but not always the stop id need to be adjusted from 5 figures to 4 or vice versa

So if you start from here:

Then select a route and stop you end up getting the URL something like

And you grab the parameters from the URL – your route is M (r=M) and stop is 6262
But no!
In reality you need stop=16262 (which is what is displayed on the right of the webpage)

So my advice is to get to the web page with the correct data, try with the URL parameters and if they don’t work, then try the stop id displayed on the web page. And if that doesn’t work try adding or removing a 1 form the stop number!