If you find Glance useful, please buy Premium using the in app purchase. As a thank you some features will be unlocked. If you forget and use Glance a lot, a handy reminder will be sent to your watch every week.

Premium Glance Features:

Additional Glance Watchfaces:

  • TextWatch – the classic Pebble watch face with Glance features
  • Analog – An analog watch face with small weather icon with Glance features
  • Simple Analog – An alternate analog watch face as above

Integration/ Tasker:

  • Tasker Screen – long clicks (TASKERLMID, TASKERLBOT, TASKERLTOP)


  • Longer list of SMS recipients (20)
  • Longer list of SMS presets (20)
  • Reply from ReadSMS (Select button goes to the preset list)
  • SMS Recipient list populated from Last Calls (various options)
  • SMS Recipient List Favourites


  • K9 Mail integration


  • Screen Editor – layout any of the current fields/images as you like, choose from the builtin fonts for you fields
  • Menu Editor – Remove items from the menus, change the menu order
  • Seconds – Custom watch faces can have seconds enabled


  • NextBus Data Screen – Find out when you next bus is due