To Do List

Sorry this hasn’t been updated in a very long time…

The TODO list (in no order)

– Add unread email count for non Gmail. Seems like a lot of work! I might do K-9
– Calendar – Add ability to select which calendar (done in 0.9c)
– SmartWatch – Add voicemail waiting icon
– Nexus 7 / Tablet compatibility
– Investigate Call control, answering sms directly, reply to a call with sms directly
– Weather – Add further weather providers, e.g. (done in 0.9a)
– Add different watch faces (done in 0.9a&c)
– Music control app integration

(And there is more…)


So far I have not found a public or obvious private Android API for Google Voice, Hangout, FaceBook Messenger or WhatsApp.
Please email me a link to the API if you find it! Thanks.