Glance 0.10 / Watch 1.5.4a

Glance 0.10a has been released with watch app 1.5.4
To install the new watch app go into the Glance Android app and tap on install watch app then select which face.

Watchfaces – New simple Analog face
SMS – Added ability to have last calls (all, missed, incoming or missed + incoming) to sms reply list
SMS – Added ability to add up to 5 favorites to the sms reply list
Watchface Editor – BlueTooth icon is now dynamic, added dynamic battery linked to Pebble battery state
Mail – added compatibility with K-9 mail client for unread mail count

Weather – Precipitation % added to forecasts, Wind Direction added to Openweather and
Tasker – Long click fires at timeout
Data Screens – Added configurable font sizes (in Settings)
Watch Customisation – Added hourly vibe
Watch – BT disconnect vibe now has 3 second delay
Mail – Added Intent to set mail mail unread count with Extra VALUE:int

Various Bugfixes


There was some instability in watch app 1.5.4. Hopefully fixed in 1.5.4a
In Glance 0.10 the hourly vibrate setting (in Customise Watch) can incorrectly look like it is off when it is on. Switching the setting On and Off should resolve the issue. The tap Refresh Data to make sure your Pebble has the setting. Apologies for the inconvenience.