Glance 0.9c / 1.5.3c

New Premium Features:

TextWatch and Analog Glance faces!

Classic TextWatch Analog
Alternate Glance watch apps with TextWatch or Analog face (All require Pebble firmware 2.x)
Both come with a slide in info panel that can optionally be gesture activated
Install via the Install WatchApp menu item on your phone.
(These watchapps only have one watchface and don’t take custom faces)
Glance Watchface layout (.gwf) files can be imported from filemanger / drop box / gmail, and the finebyte website.

New Free Features:
Setting to select Calendars to use for Glance
Added city name to forecasts via Google Play geolocation
Added custom launch of any pebble app (needs uuid or Catapult for Pebble)

Info Screen Navigation Changed – one click for next, click and hold for scroll
Help Screen removed permanently from watch
Weather data improved to map snowfall and show update time
Changed pebble battery field to remove % (in line with phone battery)
Added small (16×16) images for battery, watch and bluetooth
Added small weather images (30×30)
Added option to start Glance on your Pebble when the app is launched
Vibe on BT disconnect settings is now persisted on watch
BT connection status is shown on LOSTPHONE and LOCSMS screens
Added feature so save settings to external file (Downloads/GlanceSettings.json)
Added GETCUSTOM menu item on Pebble to request the last custom watch face
Added Send button to Watchface layout editor. This does NOT set the custom watch face as the default.
Added AutoPebble launch
Add NavMe launch (using NavMe flash)

Fixed blanks in counters on watch faces
Fixed 12h/24h switch not being applied for calendar items
Fixed major crash in watch editor
Fixed wrong sms messages being sent when replies messages get out of order
Fixed large weather images to all be 55×55
Fixed message when no trains returned for UKTrains
Various stability issue identified via Crashlytics