Glance for Pebble – Android 0.9, Pebble 1.5.1x (SDK1) / 1.5.3 (SDK2)

A new version of Glance!


This version has a load of bug fixes and supports some new features – a watch face editor, menu editor, a choice of location providers, better calendar handling, better gmail handling, a lost phone finder and more. See the grid below for compatibility.

Some features are SDK2 only and some are unlocked from an In App Purchase – feel free to buy it even if you don’t want the features. Thanks.

Once you upgrade you Android app, it should guide you to the right watch app based on the firmware version on your watch. If you haven’t gone to SDK2 yet (or don’t know what this is) then you will want version 1.5.1x

If you are coming from the current production build of 1.5.1 you will notice some of the information screens like calendar and weather behave differently – the up/down buttons are overloaded to both scroll (single click) and go to the next item. There is a help screen that can be dismissed from the menu.

Here are the links if you need to force it to the right version: SDK1 SDK2. As ever you might need to try Firefox, or even launch the pbw from a file manager to kick off the Pebble installer.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and bug reports, particularly the beta test group.
Any issues

SDK1SDK2Requires Premium
Integration/ Tasker:
Launch PebbleTasker from watchyyn
Launch PebbleDialer from watchyyn
Launch Glance (Intent
Tasker Screen – added long clicks (TASKERLMID, TASKERLBOT, TASKERLTOP)nyy
Tasker Screen – can be set as defaultnyn
Updated Calendar screen to contain more data from longer fieldsyyn
Added ability to get up to 900 characters of Calendar data (Select button from calendar screen)yyn
Calendar option to ignore all day eventsyyn
Calendar data should obey 12H/24H flag from watchnyn
Calendar added setting to move onto next event n minutes after current one started (to avoid big events hogging the display)yyn
Longer list of SMS recipients (20)yyy
Longer list of SMS presets (20)yyy
Reply from ReadSMS (Select button goes to the preset list)yyy
Screen Editor – layout any of the current fields /images as you like, choose from the builtin fonts etcnyy
Menu Editor – Remove items from the menus, change the menu orderyyy
HalfWhite – new watch layoutnyn
Seconds – Watch faces can have seconds enablednyy
Changed LocationSMS to use link,LONyyn
Added Play Services as a Location Provideryyn
Added NextBus as a Data Screenyyy
FindPhone function – start phone ringing from watchyyn
Gmail unread count added By Label option and a label selector for the count. Improves compatibility with newer versions of Gmail.yyn
Setting the “watchface” on the pebble sets the defaultyyn
Setting to switch vibe on BT disconnect on and offnyn
Added weather provider (needs key)yyn