Glance for Pebble SDK 2

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pebble developer retreat earlier in the year where we were given early access to SDK 2.
So here is a beta of the Glance watch app to go with the beta of SDK 2

Download it using Chrome (sometimes FF is required) from here



  • The BigWeather screen has been redesigned – I may make this a new screen rather than a replacement later
  • Bluetooth and Watch battery status are shown in the title bar of the main menu
  • Your Pebble will vibe twice on Bluetooth connect or disconnect when Glance is running
  • The Calendar, Weather, ReadSMS, UKTrains and Stocks screens now all navigate in the same way – the up and down buttons scroll when held, double click the up and down buttons to get the next page (i.e. the next days information, the return trains, the next sms etc). Select does a screen dependent action – on the weather screen it will ask for a full refresh from the weather provider (which may take a moment depending on your network!)
  • There is a help screen which appears when you use the “information” screens detailed above. You can dismiss it from the main menu item “Toggle Help”. Dismissing the screen is persisted on the pebble (another new SDK 2 feature), but that data does get cleared when a new version of the app is installed.

Known Issues:

  • Crashes: Occasional crashes still happen. Sorry, it is a beta, I am working on it.
  • Disconnects: Sometimes BT is still connected but messages don’t make it. Restarting the watchapp can help. Sometimes a reboot is required