Pebble Glance 0.8 Updates – Custom Watchface

0.8 Changes:

Added highly experimental support for a custom watchface.
Download the watchface at
While this app has worked for me in testing it is possible the app may crash your pebble.
Icons from : meteocons
(Apologies if they look worse after the scaling and conversion)
Weather from: openweathermap

Run the Pebble Glance app on your android phone
Install the watch app and you should get the time and date and weather!
Weather updates every 15 mins
Bottom left accesses the same SMS send functionality as the Glance “Music Player” Screens – this is slow to respond right now

EDIT: Clarification on the risk of running the companion watchapp

As with all Pebble watchapps you run them on your pebble at your own risk.
I have been running the Glance App on my pebble for a few days and during development I did crash my pebble.
However the current version appears stable, although it has only been running non stop for a day or so
No pebbles were harmed during the development process – I didn’t brick my pebble!


1 thought on “Pebble Glance 0.8 Updates – Custom Watchface

  1. This is amazing, it’s the functionality I’ve been after since the beginning, well done.
    I’ve been using this for two days and it’s behaving perfectly. 🙂

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