Glance for Pebble – Android 0.86 and WatchApp 1.5 / 1.5.1

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play


Watchapp 1.5.1: Minor Fix to display 3 figure temperature in SmartTime mode

Updated weather screen for 7 or 5 Day Weather depending on weather provider
( Best / Most data provided by combination of Yahoo and OpenWeather – see settings)
New face based on SmartTime (Thanks dhein)
New face mix of SmartTime and Calendar – (Calendar isn’t very clever, your milage may vary)
Added LocationSMS screen
(Send SMS to predefined recipient with GPS Location data)
Added faster bluetooth messaging as added in Pebble OS 1.12 – Thanks Alexandre Delattre
Added check for updated watch app
Added new Tasker features
– App sends TASKERSTOP intent when ending tasker face
– App sends TASKERMSGCINIT intent when starting
– Tasker can use TASKERVIBE intent to cause watch vibe
– Tasker can use TASKERMSGC intent to update the SMS message count (Count is an int in the extra, VALUE. The flag as in Android settings) – Thanks JulianStarke
Added ability to map button long clicks to screens / actions
Added nighttime icons to weather
Added ability to select all gmail social inboxes or priority inbox
Added “inverse” / white background mode for main screen
Added optional tiny phone battery indicator just to right of time
Changed calendar screen behaviour to click through next 14 days events
Added Full SMS Read (SEL for next message)
Added UK Trains information (Set stations in Settings, Long click SEL for return journey)
Added Simple Stock viewer shows last trade and change from Yahoo! Finance (SEL to refresh)
Removed Legacy Music Screen from Android app.

NOTE: As of 13 Aug, the Music Boss feature is waiting the next release of Music Boss for Pebble.
Please email if you are interested in beta testing.