Monthly Archives: August 2016

Glance 0.19

Newer Pebbles Only:

Increased number of layers for Custom Layouts (EXPERIMENTAL)
In the higher memory pebbles (not Pebble and Pebble Steel) Glance can take up to 30 layers. However if your layout has lots of images you might run out of memory and Glance might crash. Sorry.

Background Color for Custom Layouts
Use the Star button on a layout to set a background color. Which is nice.

Hour Offsets
After a time format add +/-n for offset hours/minutes, e.g. %R+1 or %I:%M+30
You can only do one offset in a single time string.

Added Calorie based Pebble Health Fields

Added formatter (star button) to control weather image type
Set the large weather images to be Black and white, colour, colour with border

All Pebbles:
Customise QuickLaunch Mapping
When Glance is launched from QuickLaunch it can open a specific screen, e.g. UKTrains

Added LECO font

Added temperature conversion functions F_TO_C C_TO_F K_TO_C K_TO_F
e.g. #F_TO_C #TEMP_MAX would convert whatever comes from TEMP_MAX from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Added more location caching
Potential fix to issues with Android 6 Doze/App Standby

See WeatherTZ for an example
Download GWF