Monthly Archives: March 2015

Glance 0.12 / 1.9 Released

Added new watchface – Glance Blobs
– Circles And Squares indicate Gmail, SMS, Missed Calls, Voicemail.
Added support for Actionable SMS notification
– select Glance as your SMS notification provider in the Pebble app and turn on the setting.
– Glance SMS Notifications will include the Glance responses
Added new fields system to Custom Glance Faces
– Add Stocks, Fields from weather, MB Trackname
– See * button in layer editor for currently available fields
– Fields are added as #fieldname if the field doesn’t exist in the cache you just get fieldname
Added Phone Signal, Voicemail dynamic icons
– Phone signal is GSM only and may need tweaking
Added Speedo mode (turns on GPS and populates fields with current/max/avg speed)
– This is only visible if you make a glance face that shows the data. And it sucks your phone battery dry if you leave it on. You have been warned.
Added simple timer (start&reset / stop) populates %3 time field format
– Again only visible if you have a time field on the glance face that is %3 formatted
Changed messaging between Phone and Pebble (slower, more reliable)
Various memory optimisations in watch app