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Glance for Pebble – Android 0.85 and Watch 1.4

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play

Major Changes:
Better Weather, Faster SMS
Integration with Simply Alarm Holo
New Smartwatch style face (which you can set as the default in the Android Settings)

Big Thanks to all the testers and to Reboots Ramblings for both the Simply Alarm Holo integration idea and some last minute testing!

Android Changes:
Updated and Added new weather provider
– OpenWeatherMap to v2.5 (two versions)
– Yahoo!Weather
– NOT for Music Screen. Anything other than OpenWeatherMap will fail.
Added unread SMS / Gmail / Missed Calls to a new version of the main screen
– SmartWatch shows SMS & Missed Calls & Gmail
– SmartWatch- shows SMS & Missed Calls
– Select in the watchapp menu, or set as default in the Android Settings
– Only Gmail Primary inbox right now. No other email apps, sorry.
Added usage tracking
– Google Analytics – anonymous data on what features are being used
Added foreground service
– See below for notes on performance
Added better crash tracking (Crashlytics)
Added better & more logging
Added better error handling for special characters like ø or ç
– Pebble stil has an issue with sending strings with special characters from Pebble to Android

WatchApp Changes:
New SMS App with precaching – should be much faster (see below)
Integration with Simply Alarm Holo
Added “Smartwatch” and “Smartwatch-” screens as above
Added “LightOn” option to allow a simple button to turn on light without activating new screen
Fixed bug in SMS app where the presets wouldn’t appear without hitting a button (screen blank)

Music Screen:
This is the last release that will contain the Music Screen.
It will be removed next release.
Please do not report issues with the Music Screen – its legacy.

Notes on Foreground Mode / Performance / Services / Threading

In this version I completely rewrote the service/threading model
All the timed services are now Android Alarms calling stand alone IntentServices (i.e. they are on their own threads)
All events (pebble messages / reconnects) come in as Broadcasts on the main thread and then get sent to a service:
– When in foreground mode they get sent to the foreground service thread for processing
– When not in foreground mode they get sent to an IntentService (i.e. a new thread gets spun up if required)
– The foreground service also acts as a cache which in theory should speed up data access

However I still find that there are delays experienced on occasion:
– Sometimes the intent with the message from Pebble is delayed
– Sometimes the message / intent to the Pebble is delayed
– Sometimes it take an awesome amount of time to access the contacts data provider on Android (many seconds on occasion)

Note that at the level I am working at I can only see intents, not the bluetooth messages themselves so I have no idea if there are delays occurring there.

Notes on SMS Performance and Issues

The SMS Recipients now load at two points – when Glance first starts and when a new SMS arrives on Android.
Two main things can go wrong:
1. The Recipients don’t load at start, or are two slow for the impatient.
This should rectify itself – just go out of SMS and back in on the Pebble (which should cause a new SMS load)
2. The newly arrived recipient on an SMS isn’t at the top of the list.
This has happened once to me in testing – it is obviously possible if your Android is busy when the SMS arrives.
In testing most people found the whole SMS experience much faster and more reliable.

There is an issue sending to recipients with special characters (ø,é,ç etc)
I have not yet found a work around for it. Apologies to those impacted.

Pebble Glance : Android App 0.82 & Watchapp v1.3

IMPORTANT: Android App v0.82 is not compatible with Android pre4.0
Apologies, a new version is on the way!

NOTE: Due to changes in the Pebble libs, these versions are not backwards compatible.
Only update your watchapp when you have the new Android app installed

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play

0.82 Changes:
Due to changes in the Pebble libraries this version will not work with pre1.3 watchapps
Changed Main Screen on Android App
– Removed “Pebble” screen graphic
– Added links to install watchapp & instructions
– Added Log & Send Log to help debug persistent “Bad Response” weather issues
– Moved Music Screen On/Off Toggle to settings
Added Location override (lat,lon) in Settings
Added Settings to config top and bottom buttons on main watch screen
Start service on boot
Support for Glance v1.3

WatchApp v1.3
Due to changes in the Pebble libraries this version will not work with pre0.82 Android apps
Added Tasker Screen
Added Calendar Screen
Allow config of main buttons on main watch screen via Android app

Pebble Glance : Android App 0.81 & Watchapp v1.2

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play

Android 0.81 Changes:

Support for new Text Message screen(s) on watch
Support for Weather details screen on watch
Configure weather update frequency
Send Weather Update on Pebble reconnect
Change label on Main Screen to “Music Screen”

WatchApp v1.2

Added new Text Message screen(s) to watch using Pebble Menus
Added new Weather details screen to watch

Pebble Glance WatchApp – v1.1

Download from here
Android app on Google Play

Changes in v1.1

– Fixed memory leak causing instability and occasional reboots (fingers crossed!!)
– Added 12H/24H setting support
– Version displays on start

SMS Usage:
Note that this usage model is inherited from the Music Watch Face, and is slow and clunky.
Its high on my priority list to completely re write it to be quicker and more reliable.

Bottom right to open SMS mode,
Display will load the recipients.
Top button to get next recipient
Middle button to select recipient

Display will load pre configured replies
Top button to get next reply
Middle button to send

Pebble Glance 0.8 Updates – Custom Watchface

0.8 Changes:

Added highly experimental support for a custom watchface.
Download the watchface at
While this app has worked for me in testing it is possible the app may crash your pebble.
Icons from : meteocons
(Apologies if they look worse after the scaling and conversion)
Weather from: openweathermap

Run the Pebble Glance app on your android phone
Install the watch app and you should get the time and date and weather!
Weather updates every 15 mins
Bottom left accesses the same SMS send functionality as the Glance “Music Player” Screens – this is slow to respond right now

EDIT: Clarification on the risk of running the companion watchapp

As with all Pebble watchapps you run them on your pebble at your own risk.
I have been running the Glance App on my pebble for a few days and during development I did crash my pebble.
However the current version appears stable, although it has only been running non stop for a day or so
No pebbles were harmed during the development process – I didn’t brick my pebble!


Pebble Glance 0.71 Changes

0.71 Changes:

Changed theme to fix issue with HTC on 4.0.3
Music Control Updated (Experimental)
Select the Music App from within the Settings Menu
This should work with any player that can receive the normal Pebble remote control music buttons
Several players only appear to accept the controls once you have started the audio playing from the Android device

0.6 Changes:

Added Temperature Unit Setting
Added On / Off switch
Added Music Screen (Experimental only tested on Nexus)

Music Screen
Usual keys to control Music Player
Double click the middle button (twice in under 1 sec) to go back to glance clock screen