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Glance 0.20a / 2.13

Added timed background AppGlance updates (requires Pebble Android 4.1+)
AppGlance updates can be formatted using the #format strings – use the button on the dialog. Pebble health items cannot be shown as the formatting is done on the phone.

Fix bug in Nextbus for stops with multiple destinations on same route

Added Pebble2 / Diorite compatibility in 2.13
Includes HRM capability but no custom images (yet).

See HRM for example
Download GWF

Glance 0.20

Added offset to pin manager (puts pins into future) for SDK4.0 compatibility
[Settings->Pin Manager->Pin Inset Offset(mins)]
By default pins are sent to appear “now”, which means they will appear in Timeline past. In SDK4 you can’t see that, so this means you can put a pin into the future.

Added UKTrain flip time (automatically changes direction at a set 24h time)
[Settings->Data Screens->UK Train Direction Flip Time]
This is useful if you commute and want to flip the default direction at a point during the day. Particularly nice if you have set up QuickLaunch Mapping to go to UKTrains and QuickExit to 60 seconds. You just get the train info and then Glance leaves

Added Custom AppGlance (Experimental)
[Customise Watch->AppGlance Configuration String]
Adds an AppGlance to the Glance menu item using same format as Customized Layouts Labels
e.g. #PHONE_SMS is the SMS Count.


The AppGlance is only updated when Glance is running on your Pebble

Added QuickExit Timer
[Customise Watch->Quick Launch/Exit->Quick Exit]
Exit Glance after a short period. Useful for just looking at a data screen or layout

Improved menu caching on the Pebble


Glance 0.19a

  • Fixed #K_TO_C, #K_TO_F
  • Experimental expression evaluator (Cannot access Pebble Health data as it is on the watch) e.g. #MAIL_COUNT * #SMS_COUNT will evaluate, %h0 / 100 will not

Glance 0.19

Newer Pebbles Only:

Increased number of layers for Custom Layouts (EXPERIMENTAL)
In the higher memory pebbles (not Pebble and Pebble Steel) Glance can take up to 30 layers. However if your layout has lots of images you might run out of memory and Glance might crash. Sorry.

Background Color for Custom Layouts
Use the Star button on a layout to set a background color. Which is nice.

Hour Offsets
After a time format add +/-n for offset hours/minutes, e.g. %R+1 or %I:%M+30
You can only do one offset in a single time string.

Added Calorie based Pebble Health Fields

Added formatter (star button) to control weather image type
Set the large weather images to be Black and white, colour, colour with border

All Pebbles:
Customise QuickLaunch Mapping
When Glance is launched from QuickLaunch it can open a specific screen, e.g. UKTrains

Added LECO font

Added temperature conversion functions F_TO_C C_TO_F K_TO_C K_TO_F
e.g. #F_TO_C #TEMP_MAX would convert whatever comes from TEMP_MAX from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Added more location caching
Potential fix to issues with Android 6 Doze/App Standby

See WeatherTZ for an example
Download GWF

Glance 0.18

  • Weather update frequency can be less than 2 hours with a user provided key
  • Tasker /Intent fun (Premium Only) – see Glance and Tasker
    • Additional variables can be pushed on to custom layouts
    • Tasker buttons can be mapped to the main screen buttons
    • Tasker can request a custom layout
  • Bug Fixes (and New Bugs)

About weather updates. The awesome team at OpenWeather who have been providing a completely free weather API for many years changed policy end of last year to require an API key and to limit the number of requests available on the free tier, therefore Glance (which was generating significant traffic) had to change. Apologies for those who found this inconvenient.

Glance for Round, Glance-a-Round and more on PAS

Glance has been upgraded to support Pebble Round for most the faces.

The main Glance face supports round, and if you have Premium you can create Glance layouts for round too. As the Round has more pixels you might run out of memory if you have a full screen background – if you run out of memory layers will not show.

Also there is a new face specifically for Round – Glance-a-Round (which does work on Pebble Time too).

Finally all the Glance watch apps and faces are moving to the Pebble App Store and the old sideload installation will disappear over time.
See all my faces here

Glance 0.16


New Features only available on Glance WatchApp v2.2 – please update from the Glance Android App!
– Experimental Pin Support – add Stocks, UKTrains, RSS & JSON to your timeline!
– New default bg colour for Pebble Time
– Override bg and fg colors for defaults on Pebble Time
– New Colour weather icons for Pebble Time
– Watchface Editor has send button on the layer screen for faster editing
– Insert clock formats to the star button in editor
– Pixel pushing on presets
– Various Bug Fixes (Editor, UKTrains, SMS Responses, GWF imports)

Glance for Pebble Time Released


Android version 0.13, 0.14
Pebble version 2.0, 2.1

Glance 0.14
– Added AnalogPlus Pebble Time Preset (Top Left = GMail, Top Right = SMS, Btm Left = Phone Battery, Btm Right = Weather)
– Added experimental capability to support multiple Glance watchfaces/apps in PAS

Glance 0.13
Pebble Time Compatibility
– Editor now supports color and images for Pebble Time
– New Presets – Spots, FunW and ColCal
– Time enabled Glance Classic available for install

Glance 0.12 / 1.9 Released

Added new watchface – Glance Blobs
– Circles And Squares indicate Gmail, SMS, Missed Calls, Voicemail.
Added support for Actionable SMS notification
– select Glance as your SMS notification provider in the Pebble app and turn on the setting.
– Glance SMS Notifications will include the Glance responses
Added new fields system to Custom Glance Faces
– Add Stocks, Fields from weather, MB Trackname
– See * button in layer editor for currently available fields
– Fields are added as #fieldname if the field doesn’t exist in the cache you just get fieldname
Added Phone Signal, Voicemail dynamic icons
– Phone signal is GSM only and may need tweaking
Added Speedo mode (turns on GPS and populates fields with current/max/avg speed)
– This is only visible if you make a glance face that shows the data. And it sucks your phone battery dry if you leave it on. You have been warned.
Added simple timer (start&reset / stop) populates %3 time field format
– Again only visible if you have a time field on the glance face that is %3 formatted
Changed messaging between Phone and Pebble (slower, more reliable)
Various memory optimisations in watch app