Glance 0.10 / Watch 1.5.4a

Glance 0.10a has been released with watch app 1.5.4
To install the new watch app go into the Glance Android app and tap on install watch app then select which face.

Watchfaces – New simple Analog face
SMS – Added ability to have last calls (all, missed, incoming or missed + incoming) to sms reply list
SMS – Added ability to add up to 5 favorites to the sms reply list
Watchface Editor – BlueTooth icon is now dynamic, added dynamic battery linked to Pebble battery state
Mail – added compatibility with K-9 mail client for unread mail count

Weather – Precipitation % added to forecasts, Wind Direction added to Openweather and
Tasker – Long click fires at timeout
Data Screens – Added configurable font sizes (in Settings)
Watch Customisation – Added hourly vibe
Watch – BT disconnect vibe now has 3 second delay
Mail – Added Intent to set mail mail unread count with Extra VALUE:int

Various Bugfixes


There was some instability in watch app 1.5.4. Hopefully fixed in 1.5.4a
In Glance 0.10 the hourly vibrate setting (in Customise Watch) can incorrectly look like it is off when it is on. Switching the setting On and Off should resolve the issue. The tap Refresh Data to make sure your Pebble has the setting. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Glance 0.9c / 1.5.3c

New Premium Features:

TextWatch and Analog Glance faces!

Classic TextWatch Analog
Alternate Glance watch apps with TextWatch or Analog face (All require Pebble firmware 2.x)
Both come with a slide in info panel that can optionally be gesture activated
Install via the Install WatchApp menu item on your phone.
(These watchapps only have one watchface and don’t take custom faces)
Glance Watchface layout (.gwf) files can be imported from filemanger / drop box / gmail, and the finebyte website.

New Free Features:
Setting to select Calendars to use for Glance
Added city name to forecasts via Google Play geolocation
Added custom launch of any pebble app (needs uuid or Catapult for Pebble)

Info Screen Navigation Changed – one click for next, click and hold for scroll
Help Screen removed permanently from watch
Weather data improved to map snowfall and show update time
Changed pebble battery field to remove % (in line with phone battery)
Added small (16×16) images for battery, watch and bluetooth
Added small weather images (30×30)
Added option to start Glance on your Pebble when the app is launched
Vibe on BT disconnect settings is now persisted on watch
BT connection status is shown on LOSTPHONE and LOCSMS screens
Added feature so save settings to external file (Downloads/GlanceSettings.json)
Added GETCUSTOM menu item on Pebble to request the last custom watch face
Added Send button to Watchface layout editor. This does NOT set the custom watch face as the default.
Added AutoPebble launch
Add NavMe launch (using NavMe flash)

Fixed blanks in counters on watch faces
Fixed 12h/24h switch not being applied for calendar items
Fixed major crash in watch editor
Fixed wrong sms messages being sent when replies messages get out of order
Fixed large weather images to all be 55×55
Fixed message when no trains returned for UKTrains
Various stability issue identified via Crashlytics

Glance for Pebble – 0.9a / 1.5.1y & 1.5.3a

Maintenance release to clear up some issues from v0.9

Watch 1.5.1y / 1.5.3a
– Adjusted length of temperature on SmartWatch to accommodate -20
– Adjusted double click timer for info screens (Calendar, Train, Bus etc)
– Added LostPhone Screen

Glance 0.9a
– Added menu item to get Premium purchase details (e.g. order id) to help with queries
– Added permissions to help with Lost Phone volume adjustments
– Added reset button to Menu editor
– Added setting to disable unicode filtering (for those using other character sets on Pebble)
– Bugfix: ? instead of – in temperatures some Locales
– Bugfix: Crash in calendar when only all day events are in range and skipping is on
– Bugfix: Menu Maker can get corrupted when using the 1.5.1 watch app
– Bugfix: Improved robustness based on a number of Crashlytics reports

Improved robustness based on a number of Crashlytics reports

Glance for Pebble – Android 0.9, Pebble 1.5.1x (SDK1) / 1.5.3 (SDK2)

A new version of Glance!


This version has a load of bug fixes and supports some new features – a watch face editor, menu editor, a choice of location providers, better calendar handling, better gmail handling, a lost phone finder and more. See the grid below for compatibility.

Some features are SDK2 only and some are unlocked from an In App Purchase – feel free to buy it even if you don’t want the features. Thanks.

Once you upgrade you Android app, it should guide you to the right watch app based on the firmware version on your watch. If you haven’t gone to SDK2 yet (or don’t know what this is) then you will want version 1.5.1x

If you are coming from the current production build of 1.5.1 you will notice some of the information screens like calendar and weather behave differently – the up/down buttons are overloaded to both scroll (single click) and go to the next item. There is a help screen that can be dismissed from the menu.

Here are the links if you need to force it to the right version: SDK1 SDK2. As ever you might need to try Firefox, or even launch the pbw from a file manager to kick off the Pebble installer.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and bug reports, particularly the beta test group.
Any issues

SDK1 SDK2 Requires Premium
Integration/ Tasker:
Launch PebbleTasker from watch y y n
Launch PebbleDialer from watch y y n
Launch Glance (Intent y y n
Tasker Screen – added long clicks (TASKERLMID, TASKERLBOT, TASKERLTOP) n y y
Tasker Screen – can be set as default n y n
Updated Calendar screen to contain more data from longer fields y y n
Added ability to get up to 900 characters of Calendar data (Select button from calendar screen) y y n
Calendar option to ignore all day events y y n
Calendar data should obey 12H/24H flag from watch n y n
Calendar added setting to move onto next event n minutes after current one started (to avoid big events hogging the display) y y n
Longer list of SMS recipients (20) y y y
Longer list of SMS presets (20) y y y
Reply from ReadSMS (Select button goes to the preset list) y y y
Screen Editor – layout any of the current fields /images as you like, choose from the builtin fonts etc n y y
Menu Editor – Remove items from the menus, change the menu order y y y
HalfWhite – new watch layout n y n
Seconds – Watch faces can have seconds enabled n y y
Changed LocationSMS to use link,LON y y n
Added Play Services as a Location Provider y y n
Added NextBus as a Data Screen y y y
FindPhone function – start phone ringing from watch y y n
Gmail unread count added By Label option and a label selector for the count. Improves compatibility with newer versions of Gmail. y y n
Setting the “watchface” on the pebble sets the default y y n
Setting to switch vibe on BT disconnect on and off n y n
Added weather provider (needs key) y y n

Glance for Pebble SDK 2

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pebble developer retreat earlier in the year where we were given early access to SDK 2.
So here is a beta of the Glance watch app to go with the beta of SDK 2

Download it using Chrome (sometimes FF is required) from here



  • The BigWeather screen has been redesigned – I may make this a new screen rather than a replacement later
  • Bluetooth and Watch battery status are shown in the title bar of the main menu
  • Your Pebble will vibe twice on Bluetooth connect or disconnect when Glance is running
  • The Calendar, Weather, ReadSMS, UKTrains and Stocks screens now all navigate in the same way – the up and down buttons scroll when held, double click the up and down buttons to get the next page (i.e. the next days information, the return trains, the next sms etc). Select does a screen dependent action – on the weather screen it will ask for a full refresh from the weather provider (which may take a moment depending on your network!)
  • There is a help screen which appears when you use the “information” screens detailed above. You can dismiss it from the main menu item “Toggle Help”. Dismissing the screen is persisted on the pebble (another new SDK 2 feature), but that data does get cleared when a new version of the app is installed.

Known Issues:

  • Crashes: Occasional crashes still happen. Sorry, it is a beta, I am working on it.
  • Disconnects: Sometimes BT is still connected but messages don’t make it. Restarting the watchapp can help. Sometimes a reboot is required

Glance for Pebble – Android 0.86 and WatchApp 1.5 / 1.5.1

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play


Watchapp 1.5.1: Minor Fix to display 3 figure temperature in SmartTime mode

Updated weather screen for 7 or 5 Day Weather depending on weather provider
( Best / Most data provided by combination of Yahoo and OpenWeather – see settings)
New face based on SmartTime (Thanks dhein)
New face mix of SmartTime and Calendar – (Calendar isn’t very clever, your milage may vary)
Added LocationSMS screen
(Send SMS to predefined recipient with GPS Location data)
Added faster bluetooth messaging as added in Pebble OS 1.12 – Thanks Alexandre Delattre
Added check for updated watch app
Added new Tasker features
– App sends TASKERSTOP intent when ending tasker face
– App sends TASKERMSGCINIT intent when starting
– Tasker can use TASKERVIBE intent to cause watch vibe
– Tasker can use TASKERMSGC intent to update the SMS message count (Count is an int in the extra, VALUE. The flag as in Android settings) – Thanks JulianStarke
Added ability to map button long clicks to screens / actions
Added nighttime icons to weather
Added ability to select all gmail social inboxes or priority inbox
Added “inverse” / white background mode for main screen
Added optional tiny phone battery indicator just to right of time
Changed calendar screen behaviour to click through next 14 days events
Added Full SMS Read (SEL for next message)
Added UK Trains information (Set stations in Settings, Long click SEL for return journey)
Added Simple Stock viewer shows last trade and change from Yahoo! Finance (SEL to refresh)
Removed Legacy Music Screen from Android app.

NOTE: As of 13 Aug, the Music Boss feature is waiting the next release of Music Boss for Pebble.
Please email if you are interested in beta testing.

Glance for Pebble – Android 0.85 and Watch 1.4

Download watchapp from here
Android app on Google Play

Major Changes:
Better Weather, Faster SMS
Integration with Simply Alarm Holo
New Smartwatch style face (which you can set as the default in the Android Settings)

Big Thanks to all the testers and to Reboots Ramblings for both the Simply Alarm Holo integration idea and some last minute testing!

Android Changes:
Updated and Added new weather provider
– OpenWeatherMap to v2.5 (two versions)
– Yahoo!Weather
– NOT for Music Screen. Anything other than OpenWeatherMap will fail.
Added unread SMS / Gmail / Missed Calls to a new version of the main screen
– SmartWatch shows SMS & Missed Calls & Gmail
– SmartWatch- shows SMS & Missed Calls
– Select in the watchapp menu, or set as default in the Android Settings
– Only Gmail Primary inbox right now. No other email apps, sorry.
Added usage tracking
– Google Analytics – anonymous data on what features are being used
Added foreground service
– See below for notes on performance
Added better crash tracking (Crashlytics)
Added better & more logging
Added better error handling for special characters like ø or ç
– Pebble stil has an issue with sending strings with special characters from Pebble to Android

WatchApp Changes:
New SMS App with precaching – should be much faster (see below)
Integration with Simply Alarm Holo
Added “Smartwatch” and “Smartwatch-” screens as above
Added “LightOn” option to allow a simple button to turn on light without activating new screen
Fixed bug in SMS app where the presets wouldn’t appear without hitting a button (screen blank)

Music Screen:
This is the last release that will contain the Music Screen.
It will be removed next release.
Please do not report issues with the Music Screen – its legacy.

Notes on Foreground Mode / Performance / Services / Threading

In this version I completely rewrote the service/threading model
All the timed services are now Android Alarms calling stand alone IntentServices (i.e. they are on their own threads)
All events (pebble messages / reconnects) come in as Broadcasts on the main thread and then get sent to a service:
– When in foreground mode they get sent to the foreground service thread for processing
– When not in foreground mode they get sent to an IntentService (i.e. a new thread gets spun up if required)
– The foreground service also acts as a cache which in theory should speed up data access

However I still find that there are delays experienced on occasion:
– Sometimes the intent with the message from Pebble is delayed
– Sometimes the message / intent to the Pebble is delayed
– Sometimes it take an awesome amount of time to access the contacts data provider on Android (many seconds on occasion)

Note that at the level I am working at I can only see intents, not the bluetooth messages themselves so I have no idea if there are delays occurring there.

Notes on SMS Performance and Issues

The SMS Recipients now load at two points – when Glance first starts and when a new SMS arrives on Android.
Two main things can go wrong:
1. The Recipients don’t load at start, or are two slow for the impatient.
This should rectify itself – just go out of SMS and back in on the Pebble (which should cause a new SMS load)
2. The newly arrived recipient on an SMS isn’t at the top of the list.
This has happened once to me in testing – it is obviously possible if your Android is busy when the SMS arrives.
In testing most people found the whole SMS experience much faster and more reliable.

There is an issue sending to recipients with special characters (ø,é,ç etc)
I have not yet found a work around for it. Apologies to those impacted.